About Us

LGYtech Logo

LGYtech was founded in 2009 in order to produce quality services and solutions in the area of software technologies.

Starting with the first day of our operations, we developed optimal, quick and safe solutions for our customers and we still continue to provide such solutions to new customers.

Our most important distinguished characteristics are;


We give great importance to Reserach-Development activities and regularly monitor the current developments in the software technologies.


We given great importance to the analysis phase of the project and in this way we can provide our customers right from the begining with information about the probable solution to be developed at the project completion. We give importance to documentation in the software projects.

Use of Technology

We can use the most optimal technologies without any dependance on certain software technologies.


We give importance to the trust relationship we established with our customers. We keep all information you shared with us as strictly confidential in all projects with developed.


We try our best to make our customers feel that we are part of their own teams. We give importance to transperancy at all phases of the projects.

Our Vision

We want to prove that correct and efficient use of the information technologies is the best instrument for the companies while they prepare for the future and attempt to achieve their targets.

Our Mission

Close monitoring of the technology and developing software to provide added value for our customers and creating global awareness on the importance of this technology.