Our Solutions

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications now become an indispensable part of our lives, not just a reputation indicator. With each passing day new mobile-based projects being produced, the mobile applications are developed on existing web projects. We develop best Android, iOS and Windows-based applications that will represent you or your project.

Custom Software Development

We develop software specifically for your company when you can not meet your requirements by using the standart applications currently available in the market. You may find below, the steps we follow for the development special software projects,

  • Analysis and determination of the technologies to be used
  • Preparing project muckup
  • Preparing POC (Prrof of Concept) projects, if necessary - Development - Beta Version
  • Testing the project and evaluating the customer feedbacks
  • Trial version
  • Evaluating the customer feedbacks
  • Final version & delivery

We guarantee you the delivery of all types of projects that could meet your requirements on the defined date of delivery and free of defects and problems.

Software Development Subscription

The most important difficulties encountered in the firms requiring software technologies and solutions is the need for the software team to continously develop and update itself in order to adapt to quicks developments in the technology and the need to control the software team in order to be sure that correct technologies are used and checking the compliance of the developed software solutions with the sector standards.

Seperately than the software team, the project team must be developed with the employment of project manager, analyst, designer and expert software development staff as mininum. Otherwise the projects will not be successful. The management of this process entails hhard labor and economic burdens whether you may be enterpriser, small-medium sized enterprise or a large company.

If your firm do not possess the necessary sources for this process, we can offer you the service of software development subscription with the help of our know-how acquired in the past solutions and our experiences gained during the national and international projects completed by us.

We will work as your company's software department under the service of "Software Development Subscription" and develop the software solutions needed by you.